Here I go with a good source of information on sharing car in our Capital Delhi. Following is transcript of information from their site

Lets Travel Together

Standing at a bus-stop, have you ever wondered if you could take a ride in one of the empty self-driven cars going past you ?
Driving a car, have you thought of sharing the cost of your fuel and car by giving rides to people going the same way ?
Staring at the red lights and looking around, did you wonder if you could ask the person in the next car if he is going the same way. We all can save fuel, parking space, reduce pollution and save the environment by sharing rides and pooling our cars. is an initiative to bring together lone-drivers, or ride-seekers on a common platform and network amongst themselves to save fuel and costs by pooling cars and travelling together on the same route. This not only helps you to save costs, but also helps us to protect environment and reduce pollution. It further helps us to de-congest the roads.