O’Reilly’s upcoming book Google Wave: Up and Running on Google Wave showcases

How a wave is structured?
How it works?
Also it details on Robots, Gadgets, Embedded Waves, Wavelets, Blips, threaded conversation model ….

So What Exactly Is Google Wave?

Google Wave is a real-time communication and collaboration platform that incorporates several types of web technologies, including email, instant messaging (IM), wiki, online documents, and gadgets. In more technical terms, Google Wave is a platform based on hosted XML documents (called waves) supporting concurrent modifications and low-latency updates.

The Google Wave user interface includes panes that dynamically update with content as users interact with waves.

A general overview of how a wave is structured. Waves contain wavelets, which are containers for blips (messages) added by participants. Extensions, in the form of robots and gadgets augment the conversation between participants in a wave by adding different types of features and functionality to a conversation.

Google Wave

The threaded conversation model includes one or more threads based on replies to an initial message or replies to other replies.

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