From last few days, I have been exploring  to find out how to configure(implement) Salesforce Lotus Connect & Single Sign-On in a CITRIX environment. Salesforce Support when contacted provided a displeased reply …

Case Description

Please highlight step by step process on how to configure (implement) Lotus Connect and Single Sign-On in a CITRIX enviornment

Case Comment from Salesforce

Unfortunately we do not support citrix, so I may not be able to fully assist you with your case.

1. – Lotus Notes – I unfortunately do not have any information regarding the installation of connect for lotus notes in a citrix enviroment. If you consult the web boards at Developer.Force.Com and Community.Force.Com you may be able to find more information.

2. -SSO – We do have information regarding SSO, but we do not have any specifically designed for citrix. This is the information we have:

Any possible solutions or workarounds on how to configure Lotus Connect & SSO in a citrix env?